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When the good weather arrives in Madrid, the capital becomes the perfect destination to enjoy long days, walks in the sun, afternoons with friends... And what better way to do it than in the most luxurious and cozy terraces of the city. Although all of them have their charm, in each one you will find a different gastronomic offer: Japanese food, traditional, slow-cooked, Italian...

Thus, Ríos & Toth proposes the best restaurants with terrace in the city to welcome the good weather and take advantage of the good energy that this season transmits:

China Crown has the perfect terrace to enjoy the most surprising flavors of Chinese gastronomy, in Tottori you will find Japanese haute cuisine in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood.

Ôven Mozzarella Bar has a spectacular terrace where you can enjoy Italian-Spanish tapas, La Parrilla de la Máquina has the perfect terrace where you can taste the best slow-cooked products, El Jardín de la Máquina is a gastronomic oasis full of gardens without having to leave the city, La Parrilla de Arganda has the perfect outdoor spaces to celebrate all kinds of events after the arrival of good weather, 500º Crust offers a large terrace where you can enjoy handmade pizzas in pure Neapolitan style, Juicy Avenue offers seasonal juices and smoothies to celebrate the arrival of good weather on its terrace.

Finally, in Bangalore, El Hombre Pez, Purnima and Udaipur, you can enjoy Indian cuisine on a terrace, with the different gastronomic proposals offered by each restaurant.


China Crown

China Crown's terrace welcomes the heat with its signature cocktail menu

China Crown, the temple of Chinese imperial cuisine, is positioned as the Asian restaurant of reference in Madrid thanks to a proposal that takes us to the food of the ancient Chinese emperors. Now, in addition, to welcome the good weather, its terrace is the best plan with its cocktail menu.

Located in the heart of Don Ramón de la Cruz street, its terrace, a sophisticated space, is the ideal place to enjoy its signature cocktails. Velvet Violette Lychee, Margarita Szechuan, Pisco Sour, Ginger Mojito and Dry Martini, are the refreshing options for the hot days to come.

Under the umbrella of the China Crown Group are the China Crown, Shanghai Mama, Sushi Bar Tottori, Le Petit Dim Sum and Bao Li restaurants. The group's philosophy is based on projecting the traditions of Asian gastronomy and thus immersing diners in oriental culture.


Tottori: enjoy its terrace and Japanese haute cuisine in the heart of the Salamanca district.

Tottori, an establishment of the China Crown group, is a Japanese haute cuisine restaurant inspired by the city of the same name located on the island of Honshu for the preparation of each of its dishes. With the opening of its terrace, it allows the diner to enjoy a perfect dining experience after the arrival of good weather in the capital.

In the heart of the Salamanca district, Tottori prepares div

erse dishes such as sashimis, nigiris, gunkans and rolls.

Each and every one of his dishes is characterized by the precision of the techniques used, the use of knives and respect for the organic structure of the food. Tottori's recipe book is marked by the purest flavors and the highest quality raw materials cooked on the robata, the authentic Japanese grill.

Thanks to its terrace, all diners can enjoy the good weather with family or friends, and a perfect dining experience under the sun of Madrid.

Ôven Mozzarella Bar

Ôven Mozzarella Bar: enjoy the good weather in Madrid at its spectacular terrace in Concha Espina.

Ôven Mozzarella, the Italian restaurant of Grupo con Fuego, conquers the good weather in Madrid in Concha Espina, a privileged and key place for the tourist sector in Madrid, located in front of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

This place has an impressive terrace, which after the arrival of spring and good weather, becomes one of the best options to enjoy its gastronomic proposal outdoors and under the sun of the capital. It is also one of the few restaurants with a tapas bar in the restaurant group. Uniting the Spanish and Italian gastronomic culture, Ôven Mozzarella's tapas bar includes the typical cheese and sausage boards, famous Italian products and the most genuine Spanish portions to share.

This spring, we will be able to 'eat tapas' in the purest Spanish style with 100% Italian products, such as buffalo mozzarella, tomato secci, truffled mortadella, fennel salami, caponata.... While the Spanish flavor will come from portions such as Russian salad with tuna, potato omelette skewer, ham croquettes ... Definitely, this new establishment is presented as the perfect opportunity to taste the most typical bites of the Italian-Spanish tapas in a dream terrace.

La Parrilla de la Máquina

La Parrilla de la Máquina has the perfect terrace where you can enjoy the best grilled products.

La Parrilla de la Máquina has the perfect terrace to enjoy the good weather while we take a gastronomic tour through a menu that offers dishes and recipes of the most traditional grilled cuisine.

Undoubtedly, its specialty is the preparation of large meats and fish cooked on oak charcoal embers. The Madrid restaurant of Grupo La Máquina can boast of putting in value and prioritizing, above all, the quality of its meats. So much so, that in the Ayrshire beef, winner of the World Steak Challenge, considered the best beef in the world.

Located in the heart of the golden mile of the restoration, at number 22 of Jorge Juan Street, the restaurant has a fantastic terrace that will allow us to enjoy the good weather of the capital and the sensational surroundings of the Barrio Salamanca.

El Jardín de la Máquina

El Jardín de la Máquina: a gastronomic oasis

El Jardín de la Máquina has a fascinating outdoor space full of magic, lights and charm. An ideal environment to feel at home, where you can create good times with friends or family, while enjoying a cozy and quiet atmosphere.

Rice, fish, seafood from the Spanish fish markets, national meats... are some of the famous dishes of the restaurant. You will also be able to taste delicious spoon dishes, such as tripe and honeyed blood sausage, veal meatballs or braised oxtail.

For those who prefer to share, El Jardín de la Máquina offers the most famous starters in Madrid: Russian salad, Galician clams, free-range eggs, grilled octopus, salmon tartar or toasted bread with tomato and extra virgin olive oil. In addition to patatas bravas, fingers and chips, calamari, chanquetes with fried eggs, homemade croquettes... The arrival of good weather increases the desire to enjoy the outdoors and share good times with friends, so the restaurant offers diners an extensive wine list to accompany each of their dishes, from sweet wines, white, red, sparkling, to rosé and claret, or by the glass.

La Parrilla de Arganda

La Parrilla de Arganda welcomes the spring with its terrace

La Parrilla de Arganda welcomes spring with a captivating gastronomic proposal characterized by the best dishes and recipes for this time of the year. La Parrilla de Arganda is the ideal place for family gatherings and meetings where you can enjoy traditional quality gastronomy on a terrace.

In addition to its wide range of spoon dishes, seasonal dishes and homemade desserts, La Parrilla de Arganda offers some of its best dishes as the ideal choice for this season. The rice with cheeks and wild asparagus or the grilled garden red peppers with ventresca, are some of the dishes that, from the restaurant in Madrid, stand out to enjoy the spring.

The combination of a high quality product, in a restaurant with its own vegetable garden and with free-range eggs from its own hens, which live in semi-freedom, offers an exquisite preparation, which in an idyllic setting like El Invernadero makes La Parrilla de Arganda the ideal place to enjoy the good weather and a good meal.

Juicy Avenue

Refresh the spring with Juicy Avenue smoothies and juices.

Spring is here and, with it, more daylight hours and pleasant temperatures. It's time to leave the hot drinks behind and welcome the most refreshing and healthy options for this season. Juicy Avenue proposes its smoothies and natural juices, with seasonal fruits and vegetables, as the perfect products to consume on your terrace with the arrival of good weather.

Orange, banana, strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, spinach or celery are some of the perfect ingredients to consume during these months. Powerful and tasty seasonal fruits and vegetables that not only provide strength and energy, but also make it easy to follow a balanced diet as summer approaches. In addition, customers can customize the drinks and combine the fruits and vegetables to their liking.

Juicy Brands Group is a benchmark for international cuisine, freshly made and delivery in Spain. The group is committed to a strategy of expansion and diversification of business, covering gastronomies from different parts of the world and with delivery as a pillar of its turnover, with more than 100 virtual sales channels.

500º Crust

500º Crust has a large terrace in Pozuelo where you can enjoy unique pizzas handmade in the pure Neapolitan style.

The good weather arrives and with it the celebrations with family or friends where pizza never fails. At 500º Crust you can enjoy pizzas made with high quality products and flavor: quality Italian flours, extra virgin olive oil, Fior Di Latte mozzarella and San Marzano tomato, in a large and cozy terrace.

The dough is prepared Neapolitan style, daily, in the same establishment. Their pizzas can also be ordered by delivery, exclusively with Glovo, or pick them up take away at the store and thus, accumulate "crusty points" to redeem other prizes.

In its menu, all pizza lovers can find different options to taste: for lovers of pepperoni, mozzarella, for those who order pizza with eggplant, arugula, mushrooms, black truffle, mortadella, Italian sobrasada... In addition to 4 different options of Calzone.

500º Crust offers more than 20 types of complete pizza, with quality ingredients and drink included for only 1 euro more.

El Hombre Pez

El Hombre Pez: enjoy its terrace and Cantabrian-Indian haute cuisine in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood.

El Hombre Pez, establishment of the Khazuria group, is the first haute cuisine restaurant that dares to merge Indian-Cantabrian food, leaving as a result a different and very attractive menu for the most curious and demanding palates. Thanks to its terrace located in C/ Velázquez, open all year round, it allows the diner to enjoy a perfect dining experience in an elegant space decorated with an exotic touch, ideal for romantic dates or meetings with friends.

In the heart of the Salamanca district, El Hombre Pez has an executive menu and two tasting menus (one Cantabrian and one Indian-Cantabrian fusion of the best of both cuisines), where you can try several dishes from the menu for 55 euros/person with surprising tableware. The menu is dominated by the most typical northern meats and fish, cooked in tandoori style and combined with the spices of the Asian country.

In addition, if you choose to go during dinner hours, you can move to the cocktail area located on the first floor of the restaurant to extend the evening and add a rogue touch with live DJ sessions and a cocktail menu that invites you to celebrate.


Purnima: Indian cuisine brought to the highest quality of raw material under the sun of Goya street.

Purnima, establishment of the Khazuria group, which means "full moon" in Hindi, is the ideal restaurant to enjoy traditional Indian cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere where you will enter a majestic jungle. On its terrace, in the middle of Goya Street, the diner will be impregnated with the smell of spices, exoticism and, of course, food, to enjoy an evening full of the flavor and magic of India.

Purnima's recipe for success is the quality of the raw material used, the warmth of the service and excellent value for money. Its gastronomic proposal is based on the most modern traditional dishes of this culture. They have a tasting menu (40 €), essential for those who want to try everything and not miss a single nuance of flavor. And to accompany it, Spanish wines and Indian beers, such as the famous Cobra and Kingfisher Premium. Curries, "tandooris" and rice dishes are the highlights of its wide and varied menu, traditional homemade recipes from different parts of the Indian subcontinent.

It is a perfect restaurant to enjoy a unique experience and discover the culture and flavors of India, especially on its terrace under the sun of Madrid. It is advisable to be advised by the restaurant team, they do not disappoint.


Bangalore: the most modern Indian cuisine in the most familiar and quiet street of the Salamanca neighborhood.

This Indian restaurant located at number 63 of Madrid's Diego de León street, in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood, opened its doors with a large outdoor terrace in 2017 with which the Khazuria group wanted to go a step further in the sophisticated staging of the Indian tradition, which was then followed by the rest of these locals.

The name of the restaurant, which means "the garden city of India", is materialized in its jungle-like setting and lush with plants, where Indian food, at a reasonable price, will take you to the ultimate Indian elegance in Madrid. Bangalore's menu presents a wide variety of dishes with different sauces, colors and spices cooked in tandoori style. Starters and main courses perfect for sharing and ideal to accompany their aromatic rice dishes, where the wide variety of curries range from chicken to lamb and fish.

If you like Indian cuisine and want to enjoy a different meal in a quiet and sophisticated neighborhood, Bangalore is a very good choice to share with family, friends or couples in the street with an average ticket of 30 €. In addition, you have the option to enjoy in depth its Indian cuisine with a tasting menu for 40 € per person.


Indoor or outdoor terrace? In Udaipuru you can choose and get into the exotic place to be with the most traditional Indian dishes.

Located on the Paseo de la Castellana, Udaipur is the fifth restaurant of the Khazuria group that has an acclimatized terrace and an outdoor terrace ideal to stay for hours, even more so with the arrival of summer. This Indian restaurant, with a modern-fusion touch, has become one of the trendiest restaurants in Madrid to give a spicy touch to the plans, in which the most traditional Indian dishes are accompanied by an enveloping and magical experience.

Udaipuru is characterized by its explosion of aromas and colors, with an exotic decoration, a menu that fuses tradition with avant-garde touches and a sensational cocktail offer. This fusion of tradition and innovation with a touch of creativity has a surprising and exquisite materialization in its three specialties: the Tikka Masala croquettes, the demanded eggplants in chickpea flour and the emperor sobjhi. In addition, there are chicken, lamb, vegetable and fish curry dishes accompanied by aromatic rice dishes and freshly baked naan breads. Flavor, color and high doses of spice are the protagonists of the menu of Udaipur, with availability, in addition, of a supercomplete tasting menu for 45 € / person.

With a rapturous and colorful decoration, an acclimatized terrace and an outdoor terrace on plane Castellana and a menu of Indian food that admits some Mediterranean license, they have hit the nail on the head to enjoy explosive evenings.


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