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  • The early morning of June 23rd to 24th has a very special touch, a magical touch that transforms Alicante into an alternative enclave. Tottori Alicante, from China Crown Group, travels through different gastronomic cultures, bringing the essence of the Japanese culinary proposal, while adapting to the needs of its diners.

  • The city of Alicante will welcome the summer with its traditional bonfires, where the bad burns and the good stays. At Tottori, fire becomes the protagonist of some of its dishes, such as the 5A wagyu nigiri, flambéed with sweet soy sauce or the squid nigiri flambéed with teriyaki sauce.

  • Under the umbrella of the China Crown Group are the China Crown, Shanghai Mama, Tottori and Le Petit Dim Sum restaurants. The group's philosophy is based on projecting the traditions of Asian gastronomy and thus immersing diners in oriental culture. Its founder is the renowned restaurateur and president of Shanghai Fusion, María Li Bao, accompanied by her brother Felipe Bao as the group's executive chef.

Madrid, June 2023.- The night of June 23rd to 24th is the most magical time of the year, with a very special flavor, as the Night of San Juan is celebrated. The fire covers the beaches of Alicante, with its bonfires, to welcome the summer and attract the best of luck. In Tottori fire becomes the protagonist of some of its dishes, such as 5A wagyu nigiri, flambéed with sweet soy sauce or squid nigiri flambéed with teriyaki sauce.

With a variety of proposals and infinite possibilities, Japanese food has been able to adapt to Western tastes, cautiously including part of its historical essence, while at the same time taking in the ideas of other cultures. Tottori is a journey to the most traditional Asian culinary culture, in which to fully immerse oneself in its purest and most representative flavors. The detail, the perfect mastery of the technique and the deep knowledge of the fish make Sushi Bar Tottori tell us a little piece of the history of the restaurant and all those who make it up.

In addition, in Tottori they are experts in robata cooking, the authentic Japanese grill. This ancient technique is characterized by using fire on a charcoal grill to cook meat and fish on the spot. The essence of this technique lies in the ability to reach high temperatures without producing flames, so the product is treated with meticulous care. Thus, in the kitchens of Sushi Bar Tottori, the sea cucumber receives only one turn during processing, ensuring that the food maintains a juicy interior and an unparalleled golden and slightly caramelized exterior.

His recipe book is marked by the purest flavors and the highest quality raw materials cooked on the robata, the authentic Japanese grill, such as his sea cucumber a la robata. The benefits of this product and the excellent plating for this product invite you to get to know the unique taste of this elaboration. It is rich in nutrients and protein, while low in calories and fat, so it can be essential for people who want to lose weight or stabilize their blood sugar levels. Its antioxidant properties help to decrease inflammation in the body and control blood pressure or improve heart and bone health.

Maria Li Bao, the renowned entrepreneur behind Tottori

The creator of the Tottori concept is Maria Li Bao, a hospitality entrepreneur backed by the success of her previous projects with China Crown Group. Bao's entrepreneurial soul leads her to continue with her main purpose with each of her projects: to immerse diners in Asian culture through the most authentic flavors of each of its regions. María Li Bao herself was in charge of the exclusive design of Tottori, where the luxurious Japanese fabrics made with gold thread, the striking lamp that covers practically the entire ceiling of the establishment and the Iroko wood used in the floor and furniture stand out.

For Tottori, Maria Li Bao is surrounded by the best experts. Thus, the kitchens of this sushi bar are led by a team of chefs who have traveled from the city of Tottori, Japan, to Alicante. This team is in charge of preparing each of the proposals that can be tasted both in the restaurant itself and in its delivery and take away service, available through its website, which allows you to enjoy an authentic Japanese gastronomic experience at home.


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