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  • Celebrities already know the benefits of pleasure based and add it to their daily lives to enjoy the pleasure of taste, flavors, powerful nutrition and, after all, good food. Anne Igartiburu, Carmen Jordá, Marta Lozano, Jessica Bueno, Nuria Roca or Soledad Giménez are some of the celebrities who have wanted to join Begoístas and enjoy its benefits, the avant-garde, healthy, nutritious and pleasurable gastronomic proposal of Begoña and Cuchita Lluch.

  • Begoístas is a platform that develops guided meal plans at home with up to five different modalities completely adaptable and customizable to different circumstances, objectives and routines, as well as an online store of healthy products under its signature. With the aim of helping you feel better inside and out, Begoístas is the perfect ally thanks to its personal care tips, wellness routines and a whole transforming philosophy to enjoy around the table.

  • Behind this project are two great gourmets, the sisters Begoña and Cuchita Lluch, who combine their experience for this project that is being a revolution; also among celebrities, who do not stop receiving their Begoístas boxes for their frenetic routines.

Madrid, April 2023. Begoístas was born to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle routine in which enjoying food is at the center of everything, being aware that food is a very powerful tool and catalyst for change. With our minds already on summer, what better time than now to have Begoístas as the best ally and prepare our body in all its splendor, since its food plans integrate physical, mental and emotional benefits.

With these objectives in mind, Anne Igartiburu, Carmen Jordá, Marta Lozano, Jessica Bueno, Nuria Roca and Soledad Giménez are some of the celebrities who are already enjoying the Begoístas revolution, as they have already incorporated the meal plans designed by Begoña Lluch, Begoístas health coach and Cordon Bleu chef, into their daily lives. Their boxes have repeatedly arrived at their homes to learn about the benefits of pleasure based, with all the facilities that this project offers, since you only have to dedicate time to yourself in the food and not worry about everything else: just open, follow brief instructions and that's it, enjoy!

Joining Begoístas is to fulfill the purposes of personal care and discover that their dishes and philosophy not only deflate, but also help to resolve mental blockages, have more energy, boost your mood, increase your immune capacity, control your menstrual cycle, increase your libido, rest peacefully and show off a radiant and luminous skin and strengthened nails and hair. The most important thing to be Begoísta and get to redeem those excesses is to enter into the transformation through food, make a change of habits and establish new enriching routines.

The new way of eating that celebrities rely on involves eliminating pro-inflammatory foods or foods that generate food sensitivities (gluten, dairy, ultra-processed foods and refined sugars) and incorporating all the nutrients the body needs to feel good. With recipes and products that are 90% plant based and 10% animal protein, mainly fish, seafood and poultry.

Thus, the main ingredients of Begoístas dishes are plants, whole grains, legumes, rainbow vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, algae, nuts, roots and seeds. Hydration is considered fundamental, but not only with liquids, but also with fruits and vegetables. Ultra-processed products are eliminated, while making peace with healthy fats and, above all, listening to your own body. To achieve the best version of yourself, you have to start from the inside, because a person's radiance comes from the inside and emanates out to the rest.

Celebrities talk about Begoístas:

  • "A luxury food with which to take care of myself and live a nutritional experience full of sensibility and commitment" Anne Igartiburu.

  • "They are elaborate dishes with many physical, mental and emotional benefits. This is precisely what caught my attention. I have done the 21-day plan to take care of myself from the inside with delicious food with chef's dishes. I feel happy, mature and energized to live my day to day life. I'm completely hooked," Jessica Bueno.

  • "I am fascinated with what Begoístas does. It's wonderful and I can't get enough of repeating their recipes and eating really good food", Nuria Roca.

  • "I can't wait to see my fridge full of colorful tappers again and eat their healthy dishes" Marta Lozano.

  • "I am impressed with this project of Begoña and Cuchita, how much talent and work behind each of their boxes. Healthy, tasty and full of life and colors", Sole Giménez.

Example of Begoístas dishes:

  • Choco Maca (breakfast). A liquid chocolate recipe based on almond milk, rice molasses, cocoa powder, maca (an adaptogen that promotes mental acuity, vitality, stamina and vigor) and cinnamon powder that will restore your energy by supporting two of your main organs: the brain and the heart.

  • Tacos de seta mechada, the taco of always, like never before (food). Preparing the taco can be a lot of fun. Start with Diosa Verde, a salsa made with avocado, cilantro, mint and basil, and top with mushrooms, onion and sauerkraut. Healthy fats for ideal digestion.

  • Black rice with seaweed and halophytes (meal). This is one of their star dishes. The black rice they use in Begoístas is organic, from the Albufera de Valencia natural park, with 30% more protein and 20% more fiber than normal white rice. In addition, the spirulina in the aioli and the kombu in the broth contribute to the elimination of heavy metals and strengthen the immune system in a natural way.

  • Lemon, cucumber and basil water (snack). When it comes to pampering your skin, the most sophisticated formulas are those that combine natural ingredients. So simple and perfect is this anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory drink, which helps to have a radiant and luminous skin.

  • Smoked popcorn (snack). This snack is an excellent remineralizer and, best of all, you can finally enjoy popcorn without guilt.

  • Galanga broth (dinner). Since the power of plants can be harnessed, galangal helps to boost the digestive system and strengthen the immune system. In addition to being anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Its flavor also makes you travel to exotic cuisines. It is a common ingredient in Asian recipes, where it is also known as 'blue ginger'.

Los planes

Begoístas is a platform that develops delivered home meal plans with up to five different modalities that are completely adaptable and customizable to different circumstances, objectives and routines. Therefore, you can choose to have the combination that best complements your daily routine delivered to your home: breakfast, lunch and dinner, breakfast and lunch, breakfast and dinner, lunch and dinner or just lunch.

  • Sentir. 5-day plan, with up to 20 dishes, to open the doors to health in your meals. You'll discover the first benefits of self-care, with improved digestion, reduced bloating and increased energy.

  • Moving forward. A 9-day plan, with up to 40 dishes, to get you started on a food transformation. This is the minimum time to eliminate what doesn't contribute and introduce all those nutrients that will improve your skin on the outside, but also your feelings on the inside.

  • Reset. Here comes the 21-day plan, recommended time to consolidate a habit, with up to 82 dishes. You will feel the renovation inside and out, as well as establishing the Begoist foundations and receiving a personalized follow-up of your progress.

  • Rebirth. The ultimate 66-day plan, with up to 264 dishes, to welcome a healthier, more conscious life. Seeing the great benefits of taking care of yourself, we'll inevitably commit to your health and your longevity. You know how it works: marriage is also with pleasure.


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