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Sweet Space was born as an artistic project that aims to unite the passions of Corina Mayorca and Alexandra Uzcátegui: art, sweets and illusion. Located in the ABC Serrano shopping center, the space allows visitors to enjoy through 10 thematic rooms of interactive exhibitions that inspire the imagination and creativity of young and old. When you enter Sweet Space you embark on a journey that brings out your inner child. "We like to refer to Sweet Space as a 'smile generator,' a 45-minute tour to have fun and uninhibited from everyday problems by immersing yourself in a space of colors, flavors and temptations," explains Alexandra Uzcategui, co-founder of Sweet Space.

The museum invites both adults and children to enjoy an unforgettable experience. The sweet is its main ingredient, mixed with art and creativity that give this space recognized national and international designers. The tour consists of various interactive exhibits that transform concepts and dreams into a novel experience, which ends in its Gift Shop.


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