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Horcher has been serving authenticity in front of the gardens of the Retiro Park since 1943. Time is suspended when you climb the steps that, from number 6 of Alfonso XII Street, immerse the diner in one of the most prestigious rooms of the capital; the one where personalities of the stature of Sophia Loren, Victor de la Serna, John Wayne or Salvador Dali have been.

The fourth generation of the family, led by Elizabeth Horcher, continues to create unrepeatable gastronomic experiences of Central European recipes that maintain the original essence.

Thus, with the honesty of its stoves by flag and focused on a tradition alien to passing fashions, Horcher remains a timeless reference open to all those who enjoy good food and want to feel simply special for a few hours. All this with the guarantee that sitting at one of its tables is a real sensory enjoyment where the diner is the protagonist of a beautiful work of art.


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