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Pride Day is synonymous with color, joy and celebration. Ingredients that combine to create one of the most joyful days of the year. In Ríos & Toth we have a proposal full of color and energy, with the best establishments to make the most of this holiday: Latigazo, Juicy Avenue, Superchulo, Steakburguer and Santita.

In addition to a gastronomic proposal and high quality cuisine, these restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes to celebrate Pride Day. Juicy Avenue did not want to miss Pride Day, where they have made a very varied and colorful proposal, with their new juices.

At Steakburguer they worship the hamburger and the meat, most of which comes from La Finca de Jiménez Barbero. On the occasion of the pride they are going to present a new burger, with meat matured for 40 days, which will undoubtedly be spectacular. Superchulo offers a variety of fun, colorful, fresh and healthy dishes, perfect for celebrating Pride Day.

Latigazo is a blow to the palate, a place where the diner experiences the explosion and intensity of Nikkei cuisine. Santita, from Grupo Con Fuego, brings a proposal this summer with some of its most refreshing dishes and drinks, perfect to enjoy them on June 28th.

Juicy Avenue

Celebra el Día del Orgullo con una propuesta muy colorida de Juicy Avenue

Juicy Avenue joins the Pride Day gastronomic proposal with its smoothies and natural juices. A very colorful proposal with which, in addition, we will have enough energy to enjoy this festive week. Very powerful and tasty seasonal fruits and vegetables that will not only help us to feel stronger and more energetic, but will also help us to easily follow a balanced diet for the summer. All this, without forgetting that customers can customize the drinks they want and combine all the seasonal fruits and vegetables offered by Juicy.

Their proposal is very varied and colorful, where they have presented 6 different juices:

1. Açai Smoothie: Açai, strawberry, banana and frozen yogurt,

2. Blue: Berry maniac special: Strawberry, passion fruit, blueberries, frozen yoghurt, and our secret ingredient*.

3. Green Tonic - Kale, spinach, papaya & apple

4: Explosion: Mango, pineapple, coconut & orange

5: Ginger root: Carrot, ginger, apple and orange

6: Oranberry: Strawberry, banana and orange


Superchulo has a very fun and colorful proposal, a perfect combination to celebrate Pride Day.

Superchulo's dishes elevate fun to the maximum exponent, and doing it with a healthy and creative proposal is the best option of all. Choosing Superchulo is the right choice. The restaurant, which is part of Grupo Con Fuego, offers a variety of fun, colorful, fresh and healthy dishes.

The restaurant goes for fresh dishes, snackable options, colorful salads and delicious appetizers, such as its Picnic of sauces and homemade breads. Also opt for the quinoa salad with coconut and sweet potato sauce, greens, corn, avocado and assorted mushrooms. Taking advantage of the season, they offer dishes off the menu, such as their Pink Gazpacho, with tomato, strawberries and mint.

Its creative, organic, organic, ecological and multicolored menu brings to the plate options for all tastes, an ideal offer for the pre-summer months. Taking care of yourself and enjoying yourself is the maxim of Superchulo.

In short, it is a highly recommended option to celebrate the beginning of summer and Pride Day.


Pride Day experiences the explosive flavors of Latigazo

Latigazo is a blow to the palate, a spark of flavor, a place where the diner experiences the explosion and intensity of Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, intense and smooth flavors in a perfect synergy.

"The unique journey of Latigazo's Peruvian-Japanese cuisine always begins with the selection of the best products," explains Jorge Rodriguez, its executive chef. His gastronomic proposal recalls memories, from achieving the original flavors enjoyed in the Peruvian countryside, to creating a plate that reflects the different elements of the place where he grew up.

Jorge Rodriguez cooks his famous ceviches live at the restaurant, where you can also taste his makimono roll.

On June 28, you can have the opportunity to watch Chef Rodriguez cook, thanks to his open kitchen.


Celebrate Pride Day and the beginning of summer with Steakburger's new proposal.

SteakBurger puts on the tables of its restaurants the most brutal burger of its menu to pay tribute to him: the 'Brutal BBQ', composed of Spanish meat of the best quality that, in addition, has been previously matured for 40 days using the technique of 'dry aged'.

The 'Brutal BBQ' is a burger with concentrated flavors and extraordinary juiciness that is composed of pork ribs shredded in barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, house Cajun onion and a special brioche bun formulated exclusively for SteakBurger. All traditional ingredients for the preparation of the dish, selected for their high quality and that help to enhance the flavor of the meat.


Enjoy the most refreshing dishes and beverages for Pride Day in Santita

Santita, the rustic-chic casual grill is one of the best Mexican restaurants in the capital belonging to Grupo Con Fuego. Here, we can immerse ourselves in the beaches and the Mayan heritage of Tulum, where we can also see the exaltation of Mexican craftsmanship.

Santita presents a summer proposal with some of its most refreshing dishes such as the red tuna padrísimas, the tuna and shrimp tartar or the grilled entrecote aguachile. They also offer refreshing drinks such as Margarita Frozen, La Mala Rita Margarita and the Dis-tinto de Verano, their own version of the tinto de verano made with red wine, pineapple juice, triple sec and grapefruit soda.

Undoubtedly a great option to enjoy on Pride Day.


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