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San Eduardo Joyeros has one of the most exclusive jewelry showcases in Spain. Located at number 7 Ayala Street in Madrid and under the command of Miguel Mas, this business is undoubtedly a flagship of the Salamanca district and the capital when it comes to high jewelry. It works with its own designers, but also with great international master jewelers, mainly Italian. Word of mouth, the high quality and exclusivity of its pieces have made its fame reach even to other latitudes. The brand is internationally recognized for its avant-garde style.

The history of this audacious business began when the Marquise of San Eduardo inaugurated the jewelry store in 1982, unveiling designs of her own creation within her circle of close friends. At that time it was located on Serrano Street, but soon after it changed to its current address. One of the values that the brand implanted since its foundation was to offer an avant-garde and very striking high jewelry, something that was not done in the Spain of the 80s.


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