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  • Seductive aromas, powerful flavors that envelop the palate and a feast of colors are some of the attractions of Indian gastronomy, which merge in the Khazuria Group to bring the best of its essence to the Madrid diner in the Salamanca neighborhood.

  • El Hombre Pez, Purnima, Bangalore and UdaiPur offer, through their gastronomy, decoration and tableware, a trip to the country of species. Rice, curries, legumes, spices, vegetables and fruits combine with a myriad of proteins where the fusion and quality of the raw materials make the difference.

  • Under the Khazuria Group, led by Delwar Mozumder, the restaurants Maison Jaguar, El Hombre Pez, UdaiPur, Bangalore, Purnima and Father Pur are concentrated with a Mexican, Cantabrian-Indian and traditional Indian proposal respectively.

Madrid, April 2023. If anything has the power to transport us thousands of miles away without leaving the capital, it is its powerful gastronomic proposal. Madrid has become the epicenter of the most exotic flavors and dishes through restaurants where an amalgam of different civilizations converge, and, in this line, few cuisines are richer and more varied explosive than Indian. Seductive aromas, strong flavors that envelop the palate and a feast of colors are some of the attractions of this cuisine, which share a list of ingredients to conquer the most curious palates: rice, curry, legumes, spices, vegetables and fruits combined with a myriad of proteins.

Grupo Khauria, led by Delwar Mozumder, has been spreading Indian cuisine in Madrid for years, with four iconic establishments in the Salamanca neighborhood with which to travel to the land of spices: El Hombre Pez, Bangalore, Purnima and Fathe Pur. All of them, in addition, accompanied by a spectacular decoration (including terraces) and perfectly selected tableware that make you feel in India in every way.

El Hombre Pez, fusion of Indian - Cantabrian haute cuisine in the Salamanca district.

El Hombre Pez is the first haute cuisine restaurant that dares to fuse Indian-Cantabrian food, resulting in a different and very attractive menu for the most curious and demanding palates. Thanks to its terrace located on Velázquez street, open all year round, it allows the diner to enjoy a perfect gastronomic experience in an elegant space decorated with an exotic touch that defines Grupo Khazuria.

In the heart of the Salamanca district, El Hombre Pez has two menus, one Indian and the other Indian-Cantabrian fusion, as well as an executive menu for 25 euros/person from Monday to Thursday and a tasting menu with the best of both cuisines for 60 euros/person. The menu is dominated by the most typical meats and fish from the north, cooked in tandoori style and combined with the spices of the Asian country, served in surprising dishes that will not leave anyone indifferent. Among its dishes, the fusion menu highlights starters such as tuna tartar tikka masala, curry mussels or sirloin croquettes tikka masala, passing to main dishes where the quality of the product reigns as tandoor turbot, black cod supreme or sirloin reinosa. In the selection of dishes from the Indian menu, you can not miss the chicken madras curry accompanied by baked bread tandoori cheese or eggplant. To put the sweet touch at the end, surprise all diners with its secret cheesecake recipe.

Purnima, maximum quality in the raw material in Goya

Purnima is the ideal restaurant to enjoy traditional Indian cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere. Its terrace, in the middle of Goya street, the diner will be impregnated with the smell of spices, exoticism and, of course, the food, the perfect ingredients to enjoy an evening full of the flavor and magic of India.

Purnima's recipe for success is the quality of its raw material, the warmth of the service and an excellent value for money. Its gastronomic proposal is based on the reinterpretation of traditional cuisine, providing the modernity of Indian culture.

They have a tasting menu (40 €), essential to try everything and not miss a single nuance of flavor. Cheese rolls, curries such as butter chicken, "tandooris", Prunima salad, perfect for this season, and chana masala (a curry of chickpeas cooked with onion, tomato, turmeric, coriander, garlic and ginger) are some of the dishes that stand out in its wide and varied menu.

Bangalore: modern Indian cuisine in the neighborhood of Salamanca

This Indian restaurant located at number 63 of Madrid's Diego de León street, in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood, opened its doors with a large outdoor terrace in 2017 with which the Khazuria group wanted to go a step further in the sophisticated staging of the Indian tradition.

The name of the restaurant, which means "the garden city of India", is materialized in its jungle setting and lush plants, where Indian food will take you to the ultimate Indian elegance in Madrid.

Bangalore's menu presents a wide variety of dishes with different sauces, colors and spices cooked in tandoori style. Starters such as pakora (assorted vegetables battered with chickpea flour and sautéed) or Bangalore salad and main dishes perfect for sharing and ideal to accompany their aromatic rice and naan breads made in the traditional tandoori oven, where the wide variety of curries ranging from chicken, lamb and fish. In addition, within the Indian gastronomy, also highlights its delicious vegetable dishes, such as malay copta, potato and cheese dumplings in creamy almond sauce. If you like Indian cuisine and want to enjoy a different meal in a quiet and sophisticated neighborhood, Bangalore is the ideal choice.

UdaiPur, the trendy Indian restaurant with indoor and outdoor terrace

This Indian restaurant, with a modern-fusion touch, has become one of the trendiest restaurants in Madrid to give a spicy touch to the plans, in which the most traditional Indian dishes are accompanied with an enveloping and magical experience.

UdaiPur is characterized by its explosion of aromas and colors, with an exotic decoration, a menu that fuses tradition with avant-garde touches and a sensational cocktail offer. This fusion of tradition and innovation with a touch of creativity has a surprising and exquisite materialization in its three specialties: the chicken Tikka Masala croquettes, the sought-after eggplants in chickpea flour and the emperor sobjhi.

In addition, there are curry dishes that are accompanied by aromatic rice and cheese or garlic tandoori breads, among which the butter chicken and salmon and mango stand out. Flavor, color and high doses of spice are the protagonists of the menu of Udaipur, with availability, in addition, of a tasting menu for 45 € / person. With a rapturous and colorful decoration, an acclimatized terrace and an outdoor terrace in the heart of Castellana, and a menu of Indian food that admits some Mediterranean license, they offer all the tools to enjoy explosive evenings.


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