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Le Petit Dim Sum, the new restaurant of the China Crown Group that makes us travel thousands of kilometers with a single bite. The dim sum, the absolute protagonist of this new space that pays tribute to Cantonese cuisine.

Le Petit Dim Sum immerses us in Asian culture through its gastronomic proposal. Diners can choose between 25 dim sum: 10 traditional and 15 more avant-garde. In addition, this delicacy can be accompanied by 12 fruity cocktails that will transport us to the taste of China. Once again and without moving from the seat, the Bao brothers achieve their purpose: to immerse us in Asian culture and surrender us to their cuisine. Le Petit Dim Sum is a trip that saves you from packing, going to the airport and boarding. On the contrary, you gain the most authentic, succulent and unique experience of oriental culture.

Under the umbrella of the China Crown Group are concentrated the restaurants China Crown, Shanghai Mama, Tottori and the recently incorporated Le Petit Dim Sum. The group's philosophy is based on projecting the traditions of Asian gastronomy and thus immersing diners in oriental culture. Its founder is the renowned restaurateur and president of Shanghai Fusion, María Li Bao, accompanied by her brother Felipe Bao as the group's executive chef.


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