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  • La Parrilla de Arganda delights the palates on its terrace with a captivating gastronomic proposal characterized by the best dishes and traditional recipes. La Parrilla de Arganda is the ideal place for family gatherings and meetings where you can enjoy quality traditional cuisine on a terrace.

  • La Parrilla de Arganda brings us along with its proposal of traditional dishes, its terrace equipped for up to 100 diners in which to enjoy sunny days and pleasant evenings along with traditional dishes of the highest quality. Several of its dishes stand out, such as the salad of lettuce hearts with handmade smoked sardines or grilled scallops, among others.

  • Located 20 minutes from the capital, La Parrilla de Arganda is defined as "an honest and traditional gastronomic proposal at an affordable price", says Roberto Fontán, owner of the restaurant. La Parrilla de Arganda is very close to Madrid's family leisure enclaves -Madrid Warner Park- as well as to the most touristic towns of the community such as Chinchón or Morata de Tajuña.

Madrid, July 2023. It's time to enjoy the best traditional cuisine every night on the terrace of La Parrilla de Arganda. Located southeast of Madrid and only 20 minutes from the city center, it is the ideal option to enjoy a simple and traditional cuisine on a terrace, with dishes "of all life", honest and affordable for everyone.

This summer, the vegetable garden is gaining prominence in the kitchen. Therefore, La Parrilla de Arganda brings to its terrace some of the products of its garden. To the different elaborations offered in its menu, several of its dishes stand out, such as the salad of lettuce hearts with smoked sardines accompanied by tomato chutney from the garden of La Parrilla. As there is nothing more refreshing than a salad, La Parrilla de Arganda offers its asparagus salad, also from its own garden. The restaurant offers one of its new dishes on the summer menu, its thin slices of eggplant with hummus and sugar cane honey, which provide the coolest touch for these months when the heat is pressing.

From the sea come the best Cantabrian anchovies and grilled scallops with garlic oil, two artisan dishes with which to travel to the northern coast in one bite. We continue with the maritime trip, this time to enjoy the grilled hake on skewers, the grilled wild turbot and the small bites of orly cod. And for meat lovers, La Parrilla de Arganda cooks its grilled beef entrecote, a clean, healthy and perfect dish to continue taking care of yourself during the summer.

Finally, the typical Cordovan salmorejo is a perfect proposal with which to leave winter behind and start enjoying the good weather on the restaurant's terrace. As well as some potatoes in the style of La Parrilla de Arganda with ali oli and a touch of soft bravas.

La Parrilla de Arganda, a restaurant for everyone.

The southeast of the Community of Madrid welcomes this restaurant characterized by a modern and soft decoration with traditional touches. Its space is divided into a traditional bar, a large room with capacity for 300 people and four reserved areas that ensure privacy. In addition, La Parrilla de Arganda has El Invernadero, where celebrations and events take place with great versatility. This place is the business meetings, as well as for family events such as weddings, baptisms and communions. In addition to this space, there is a large terrace that takes center stage during the summer months.

Its privileged location, in the Madrid municipality of Arganda del Rey, gateway to the southeast of the Community of Madrid, makes the restaurant a perfect meeting point. Just 10 minutes from the capital and with its own ample parking, La Parrilla de Arganda is located very close to Madrid's family entertainment enclaves -Madrid Warner Park- as well as the most touristic towns of the community such as Chinchón or Morata de Tajuña.

"Simple, traditional cuisine for everyone is what we want to offer our diners," says Roberto Fontán, who, prior to this new restaurant adventure, built his professional career in iconic restaurants in Madrid. "The goal of Parrilla de Arganda is that customers eat well, in capital letters, thanks to an honest and traditional proposal at an affordable price," says Fontán.


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