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Inaugurated in 2000 as a private club, El Club Allard has retained its select air since 2003, when it opened to the general public. It has rooms for events and the Pasión Habanos Private Club on its premises.

The Club Allard has established itself as one of the great gastronomic temples of the capital since it opened its doors to the public in 2003. This restaurant, which holds a Michelin star, is located in a majestic modernist building, Casa Gallardo (Calle Ferraz, 2), which was designed by D.Federico Arias Rey and inaugurated in 1908. The facilities of El Club Allard are unique for its history, preserving the elegance, glamour and character of the building of 1900 but betting on a cuisine and customer service of the XXI century. It is a space with a unique atmosphere in the city of Madrid that enhances its exclusivity in its reserved areas that allow you to enjoy total privacy. Several reserved areas with different capacities and totally independent guarantee a confidential lunch or dinner at El Club Allard.


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