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  • Cheerfy, the marketing and sales platform for restaurant brands, launches Cheerfy Kiosk. Its new product reduces wait times and personalizes the digital experience of each consumer, boosting their loyalty, thanks to native integration with Cheerfy's CRM and loyalty platform.

  • In addition to streamlining service, Cheerfy's Self-Service Kiosks help boost sales. Pioneering companies in the sector such as McDonald's have already demonstrated the potential of digitizing the sales process and automating suggestions, with increases of between 10% and 20% in their average tickets, according to McDonald's itself.

  • Carlos Gómez and Adrián Maseda, founders of Cheerfy, are behind the platform that makes possible a personalized and frictionless digital experience between consumers and restaurant chains. They have five products: Cheerfy Loyalty, Shop, Places, Pay and Kiosk. And they have established themselves with the trust of iconic brands such as Grosso Napoletano, Manolo Bakes, Juicy Brands or Empanadas Malvón.

Madrid, May 2023 - At a time when the digitization of hospitality is advancing by leaps and bounds, the relationship between customers and restaurants is constantly changing. At the forefront of this era of innovation is Cheerfy, the platform for restaurant brands that boosts customer loyalty through personalized, contextual and frictionless experiences.

Now Cheerfy Kiosk, a new product that streamlines the in-room shopping experience and drives sales, is coming to market. Companies like McDonald's have already amply demonstrated the potential of automating the suggested sales process within the digital experience, with increases of between 10% and 20% in average ticket sales, according to McDonald's itself.

Cheerfy Kiosk, offers a differential proposal, which integrates the CRM for restaurants and the Cheerfy loyalty program, achieving an experience that goes beyond a common kiosk. In short, Cheerfy consolidates the digital relationship with the consumer in a single platform, integrating all the key systems of the restaurant, and allowing to personalize and privilege the consumer experience based on a complete knowledge of their profile.


Carlos Gómez and Adrián Maseda, the founders of Cheerfy, have driven a new category of restaurant platforms with the goal of solving one of the biggest challenges in the sector: to unite and elevate the digital experience that connects users with their favorite restaurants. This platform makes possible an unprecedented experience: much more personalized and without friction or intermediaries.

All this thanks to its four products: Cheerfy Loyalty (CRM and loyalty platform), Cheerfy Shop (online ordering), Cheerfy Places (multi-brand marketplace), Cheerfy Pay (table payments) and Cheerfy Kiosk (self-service kiosks). With these products, restaurants can offer a differentiated digital experience that builds consumer loyalty.

The British company operates in southern Europe and the United Kingdom, and is backed by Techstars Ventures in the United States, Angel Invest in Germany, and the British government through the UK Future Fund.

Cheerfy has established itself as a leading platform for restaurant chains in Spain, trusted by iconic national brands such as Grosso Napoletano, Manolo Bakes and Empanadas Malvón, and international brands such as Little Caesar's, The Good Burger and Maison Kayser.


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