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Bao Li, the latest project of María Li Bao and Felipe Bao, opens its doors at 5 Jovellanos Street. Bao Li, the most special project of the two siblings, is a space that pays tribute to the great Cantonese cuisine, with a menu full of flavor and history, which combines perfectly with modernity and product quality.

Each dish is the result of years of research and the Bao brothers' passion for Cantonese gastronomic culture. With proposals such as handmade sweet potato noodles with marinated Iberian, an original recipe of the Bao Li people, or its high seafood offer, as well as Bao Li black wagyu silk thread, xiao long bao of txangurro, xiao long bao Iberian with foie gras and black truffle, king crab with ginger sauce and rice cannelloni with prawns in two textures.


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