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  • La Máquina is a great showcase of the best of traditional Spanish gastronomy, where the quality of the raw material, the care for details, the excellence in the service and the exclusive ambiences, take great prominence. The product is the center of its elaborations, taking into account its seasonality and origin, cooked without sauces and without masking, to maintain its flavor and essence.

  • A great example of this is the organization of its Tuna Days organized by La Máquina with Gadira Tuna, bluefin tuna, wild and Almadraba. It is caught on the coast of Cadiz through the Almadraba traps, an art of fishing inherited from the Phoenicians with more than three thousand years of history. This method is selective, fixed (the fish is not chased), sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  • The extensive trajectory of La Máquina, which supports them since they began their career 40 years ago, always goes hand in hand with a traditional cuisine, in which the technique and execution respect the raw material, which is the main protagonist.

Madrid, mayo 2023 -. La Máquina es sinónimo de calidad y excelencia. Hablar de La Máquina es hablar de años de trayectoria, una veteranía que se plasma no solo en sus propuestas gastronómicas, también en el servicio y la calidad de sus productos. Las propuestas de todos sus restaurantes destacan por la temporalidad de sus productos, con elaboraciones en las que la materia prima se pone en el centro.

La Máquina is a reference in Madrid and at a national level, using raw materials of the highest quality, adapted to the tastes and trends to create an exquisite blend of creativity and classicism. To enjoy the product in its maximum expression, they also bet on the most traditional cuisine, which maintains and enhances the properties of its meat, vegetables and fish. A great example of quality in La Máquina is the celebration of its Tuna Days, with Gadira Tuna, caught in the coast of Cadiz through the traps, a fishing art inherited from the Phoenicians with more than three thousand years of history. This method is selective, fixed (the fish is not chased), sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The exact moment of its fishing, only in season, makes the Gadira wild bluefin tuna present the best organoleptic and quality properties for its subsequent consumption. Before passing through the waters of the Cadiz coast, this tuna has acquired in a natural way, feeding in a varied and free way, the necessary fat to begin the migration towards the Mediterranean. And it is precisely its balanced quality fat that is the key to its exceptional flavor.

The Cadiz traps are located close to the coast, so the proximity to the port of landing is a factor of vital importance for the quality of Gadira wild bluefin tuna. From the nearest trap, the navigation time is approximately 40 minutes, therefore, from its fishing to the beginning of the deep-freezing process at minus 60oC the time is minimal, thus ensuring ́ that the meat of the Gadira wild bluefin tuna retains all its properties in an optimal state.

Of great importance for its optimum quality is the deep-freezing and subsequent conservation at minus 60ºC in our facilities equipped with the latest technology.

La Máquina will offer its customers a variety of proposals: wild bluefin tuna tartare skewer, wild bluefin tuna tartare, grilled wild bluefin tuna tarantelo, grilled wild bluefin tuna belly, grilled wild bluefin tuna steak and wild bluefin tuna tasting (tarantelo and belly).

The wines chosen to accompany this delicacy of the sea are Neno 2021 and Monteabellón 2020, white and red respectively, which can be ordered by the glass or by the bottle for the duration of the event.

La Máquina

The restaurant group maintains the essence with which Carlos Tejedor, its founder, started the business in 1982 with his first restaurant, adapting it to current trends, without losing its initial spirit or philosophy, maintaining its basic pillars: excellence in raw materials, sourcing them directly at source, through producers, fish markets and markets; simple traditional preparations that present the product without masking it and an excellent service, warm and close, yet professional.

It currently has 13 restaurants, all of them in Madrid; La Máquina Original (1982), Casa Nemesio (2002), Puerta 57 (2004), La Máquina de La Moraleja (2007), Casa Narcisa (2008), La Cantina (2008), La Máquina de Chamberí (2012), La Máquina de Jorge Juan (2015), El Jardín de la Máquina (2016), La Parrilla de La Máquina (2021), 3 spaces in the Gourmet Experiencie of El Corte Ingles; El Vagón de Castellana, El Vagón de Goya and El Vagón de Gran vía (2012) and 2 nightlife venues; La Butiq in Moraleja (2012) and Marabú (2018).

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