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Gran Vía55' is a space of Grupo Con Fuego that houses four gastronomic concepts in 1,300 square meters. It brings together under the same roof the Italian Ôven Mozzarella, the Steakburger hamburger and steakhouse, El Clandestino as a private dining room and TheRoastery. Located in Gran Vía 55, it is the perfect mix between an offer based on quality raw materials and an atmosphere that evokes visitors to immerse themselves in a unique and original atmosphere reminiscent of Madrid in the late nineteenth century.

After years of experience in the world of gastronomy and catering, the brothers Joaquín and Paco Capel launched 'Grupo Con Fuego', the catering project that currently has 15 restaurants distributed between Madrid and Murcia. Fire is the common thread of all its restaurants, an element used in each of the gastronomic proposals of the group.

In this way, Ôven Mozzarella, Santita Carbón Mexicano and Steakburger come under the same roof of this newly formed group that gathers all its services in the web portal


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