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Fundación Merck Salud has been working since 1991 with the aim of promoting the welfare of people suffering from pathologies or diseases in our country. During these years, the foundation has based its work on four fundamental pillars: clinical research, support for bioethics, the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the defense of health. Throughout its history, Fundación Merck Salud has always worked alongside healthcare professionals, patients and society in general.

As the president of the Merck Health Foundation, Carmen González Madrid, says about the history of the organization: "In these 30 years we have witnessed many events such as the advance towards precision medicine, more individualized and adapted to each patient, the search for biomarkers that help to determine the best treatment for each patient, increasing its effectiveness and avoiding unnecessary side effects, and the digital transformation of healthcare systems, which is an opportunity for both citizens and professionals".


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