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The designer Alejandro Briones and his partner Jorge Aguado created an interior design studio called In Design. Briones, is not subject to any particular treaty so that in each project, he tries to execute a project, taking into account the needs of the client and the space itself, seasoning it with different currents to achieve a "refined and sophisticated air, between classic and modern without presenting unitary characteristics of a single style".

His design process is different from what is commonly solved in this professional field, because, once the idea of distribution is defined, he first looks for the pieces and then fits them together. "We first try to find out what the client's intention is, and once we are clear about the idea, we design the interior volumes of the spaces and then carry out a thorough prospection of what could be the singular pieces to incorporate into the project," he says. With a network of more than 500 national and international suppliers in the market of antique dealers and artisan companies, he begins the search to then offer the client the different alternatives and, thus, jointly find the most suitable one.


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