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Ôven Mozzarella Bar is located at the beginning of Gran Vía where, for some time now, we are experiencing a renovation phenomenon worthy of the great capitals. The appearance of new gastronomic establishments in the area, elegant and quality, has caused the resurgence of this central and unique area of the capital. Ôven, as a reflection of the transformation of the city through the tables, joins this project and introduces new manufacturing processes of the products to get as close as possible to its philosophy.

A philosophy that is based on selecting the best raw materials from Italy and Spain and elaborating them at the moment in an artisanal way to achieve the best flavor, aroma and texture. In short, a new concept of Italian cuisine that, together with the advice of chef Fabio Morisi, the friendly and accurate service and a more than affordable price make Ôvenen the first mozzarella bar in the capital: a place of Italian cuisine with 100% fresh and natural ingredients.

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